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IT and digital consulting firm
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Who are we ?

IT and Digitalconsulting firm
Ossia Group is made of 150 consultants locatedin France (Ossia Conseil), Belgium (Ossia Belgium), and our affiliate Sonate (Paris and Morocco).

Historically and since 2006, its foundation, Ossia Conseil operates in ITfinance and articulate its development around 3 expertises :

-       Finance
-       Digital
-       Consulting
15 years
years of experience
major clients
35 y.o
average age
agencies: Paris, Bruxelles, Sonate
(Paris, Casablanca )
12 M
of gross sales in 2020

What does Ossia mean?

It’s a musical term for an alternative passage that may be played instead of the original passage. The word “ossia” comes from the Italian for alternatively.

What does Ossia do?

At Ossia, we draw our energy from music, its creativity, and multiplicity, in a way to stay inspired and find alternatives in any situation.


Ossia or the tempoguiding us.

Why Ossia ?


At the heart of all our relationships,humanity is the number one quality of our firm. More than just a value,humanity is our fundamental purpose since our creation through continuouslistening of our consultants and clients. Building together today’s andtomorrow's society, such is our ambition.


Our engagement is to guarantee a service quality that beyond our client expectations where as respecting our consultant’s opinions. We strive to always go the extra mile and to challenge ourselves every day to deliver to our clients this promise of excellence.


Key for tomorrow's society, innovation andcreativity are at the center of our working culture. Many ideas allowing us toforesee many professional new opportunities.


Our guiding work ethic. To communicate and exchange ideas in total freedom, is another core value that allows us to create a safe working atmosphere within our teams.
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